StoryDisruptive is where Lara Hoefs shares her thoughts and musings on all things – primarily around narrative, audiences, fandoms, digital culture and customer experiences. Lara is an expert in the psychological and cultural drivers that move people – consumers, fandoms, audiences. Her expertise on the disruption of the brand/consumer relationship is sought out by brands – across sectors – to help guide the creation of new and dynamic success in audience and brand growth.

At the cornerstone of her career, Lara served as the brand manager & cross-platform producer of the successful franchise – The Twilight Saga – which not only became a cultural phenomenon but has also brought in over $6 billion. Her experience with the Twilight fandom was what sparked her love affair and deep respect for the power of fandoms, audiences and online communities.

Additionally, with an advanced degree in Media Psychology & Social Change, Lara melds her professional industry experience with a social psychological understanding of digital life to inform her quantitative and qualitative approach to audience data analytics and strategy development.

Lara speaks at international media and business conferences around the world – including Comic-Con, VidCon, Merging Media, Silicon Beach Fest and Comikaze – where her thought leadership has inspired the evolution of audience and customer experience solutions. She is also a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Interactive Media section) and the Producer’s Guild of America (New Media Council).

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