Join the Human Dignity Filter Bubble! Amplify Basic Human Goodness!

images-6I LOVE how our global, digital world encourages people to simultaneously find their tribes and their selves. Self-expression to the masses is growing with abandon. I LOVE this!

I also LOVE how this changes the way culture is formed. What is beautiful and celebrated comes from the stories of everyday people and not necessarily only from the stories told by mass media, Hollywood, or brands with marketing dollars.

BUT … this amazing shift is also completely disrupting traditional socialization (you know, that cultural tool that teaches us what is and is not appropriate in society). Today, a lot of socialization is happening within our various filter bubbles and while sometimes this is awesome (yay for finding our tribes!) it also creates diverse tribes with different socialization norms, rules and beliefs – that sometimes eclipse basic human dignity.

This scares me. Why?

Well, it’s part of the reason we see some reasonably decent humans receivingimgres-5 validation for their planned acts of violence towards other human beings. Each perpetrator receiving justification for their acts – from within their niche filter bubbles – that ultimately demonizes The Other and justifies actions against The Other.

When we receive a “thumbs up” from our filter bubbles justifying acts against The Other, we can lose sight of the role we play in our larger community as human beings.

In this new system, niche communities can become a primary source of social validation and yet it shields us from seeing and understanding The Other as a fellow human being.

This lack of validating human dignity FOR ALL, keeps me up at night.

So what do we do?images-4

As individual global citizens, we need a global effort to validate basic kindness and respect for other humans – within and without our filter bubbles. We need to create massive filter bubbles that transcends race, religion, nationality or politics and celebrates the basic human dignity of us all.

How do we create such a massive socialization machine to ensure basic human dignity?

1) First, it’s got to start at the individual level. Each of us needs to make an intentional choice to celebrate and be goodness, love and compassion on a daily basis and to all people – particularly those outside our niche filter bubbles.

Say, do and be in support of human dignity in all you do from daily offline life to all your digital life endeavors. Let’s work together to BECOME the world we want to be in. Resist judgment, blame and pushing away The Other. We can agree to disagree, right? Embrace and amplify human dignity, respect and love.

2) Second, we have to do it together. We need to create and nurture more filter bubbles around niche ideas such as kindness, love and joy. Let’s stand together and amplify the ideas of human dignity that rise above race, religion, nationality or politics.

What you can do RIGHT NOW?

First of all, be love and goodness everywhere you go and in all you do – offline and online.

Then, start creating communities and efforts around amplifying ideas of kindness, love and joy. And spread it wide!screenshot-2016-11-17-13-24-45

For example, see what they are doing over at The Joy Experiment (check it out, it’s awesome!). Let’s all join this massive effort to create a filter bubble around JOY! This experiment and community will encourage us all to take small daily actions to amplify JOY around the world. This world needs more joy, I’m in!

Let’s be intentional about creating and amplifying kindness, love, joy and human dignity. Let’s create a global community of people who believe these ideas mean something – no matter what tribes and filter bubbles you are part of.

Let’s do this!