Building Successful Transmedia Strategies: The Twilight Saga Case Study [VIDEO]

Lara Hoefs gave a keynote at the 2013 Merging Media conference in Vancouver on creating successful transmedia strategies using The Twilight Saga as a case study. In this talk, she also takes a deeper look at the cultural basis of transmedia and how that is effecting storytelling and marketing in the 21st century.


Social Media Redefines The Hollywood Marketing Machine

Neon Tommy: Annenberg Digital News

By Alex Gold June 22, 2014 | 9:31 p.m. PDT Staff Reporter at Neon Tommy

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Photo Jun 23, 4 14 54 PMIn the entertainment industry, social media has become an increasingly important method to engage fans, track and measure sentiment, and drive business actions based on big social data.

At Silicon Beach Fest, a panel of experts discussed how they incorporate social media into multi-billion dollar franchises for content distribution, audience engagement, and social analytics. The panelists offered their advice and experience integrating social media with TV shows, live events, broadcasts, and film campaigns.

The panel included industry heavyweights such as Josh Spector, Managing Director of Digital Media and Marketing for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and Lara Hoefs, CEO of StoryDisruptive and brand manager of the Twilight Saga. Other notable speakers included Hannah Stiefel, TV Marketing Specialist at ABC, and Dan Levitt, VP of Business Development at Continue reading

Silicon Beach Fest 2014: Social Media & Big Data Panel

Photo Jun 23, 4 14 54 PMLast week, Lara Hoefs was invited to speak at this year’s Silicon Beach Fest on the Social Media & Big Data panel with Josh SpectorMarc Karzen, Dan LevittHannah Stiefel, and Salvador Aceves. They had a rich discussion on social currency, big data and how social media is changing Hollywood. For more details on the discussion, check out this article written by USC Annenberg’s digital news source Neon Tommy.

Merging Media 2013 Keynote: Twilight & Building Transmedia Strategies

logoLara Hoefs gave a keynote address at the 2013 Merging Media conference in Vancouver on “Building Transmedia Strategies: Where Storytelling and Marketing Collide.”  In this talk, she presented for the first time the Twilight transmedia case study. Fellow conference keynote speakers were Kathy Franklin (“Avatar”), Gary Hayes (StoryLabs), Steve Peters (No Mimes Media) and Christopher Sandberg (Company p).



Business in Vancouver: Dear Hollywood, Your Audience Has Moved

Unknown-1By harnessing transmedia, the creators of the Twilight Saga took a $37 million film and turned it into a $6 billion franchise


Lara Hoefs, transmedia producer for the Twilight film saga, speaking at the Merging Media conference  |  Nelson Bennett

Lara Hoefs, transmedia producer for the Twilight film saga, speaking at the Merging Media conference | Nelson Bennett

By Nelson Bennett

Tue Nov 19, 2013 12:01am PST

It started as a book series – The Twilight Saga – about vampires. Which became a series of movies. Which became a “transmedia” phenomenon that included games, contests, wikis, social media fan pages and even Twilight-themed fiction written and published online by fans.

One of those fans was E.L. James, who wrote a series of Twilight-themed stories. Which itself became a book.

And now, Fifty Shades of Grey is also being turned into a movie.

Whether it enjoys the kind of success the Twilight franchise has may depend on how well its creators harness cross-platform distribution and marketing to grow and interact with its fan base, according to industry experts at the November 7 and 8 Merging Media conference in Vancouver.

“The fragmentation of media is a reality,” said Matt Toner, president of Zeros 2 Heroes Media Inc., which develops multi-media strategies for the entertainment industry, including games, digital comic books and websites. Continue reading

Playback: Lara Hoefs on Twilight’s Transmedia Evolution

playback_logoNovember 7, 2013  

by Danielle Ng See Quan

The Twilight Saga spawned an extensive transmedia campaign that included a Time Capsule for fan-uploaded content, brand partnerships with companies including Jamba Juice and Hot Topic, and usingTwitter and social media channels to give progress updates in various characters’ voices. Here, Twilight Saga brand manager and transmedia producer Lara Hoefs of StoryDisruptive delves into how listening to fans of the franchise contributed to developing the highly successful transmedia property. Ms. Hoefs presents on the topic today at Merging Media in Vancouver. 

PB: When putting the Twilight transmedia property together, did you determine upfront what the revenue streams would be, and then build the strategy around that? Or was it about the story first and then determining how to monetize after?

LH: The Twilight Saga evolved into a transmedia property because it hit the mainstream at a time when the media landscape was in the midst of a huge shift and the fans demanding more opportunities to consume Twilight story and character. In transmedia terms, the IP was a “locked property” because the author, Stephenie Meyer, did not want any added story beyond the original canon she wrote. Despite this, graphic novels of her original books were created and Meyer herself released a novella, “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner,” which was the only story extension the film franchise had. Both of which fans consumed like crazy, because they were passionate and hungry for more of that story world. Continue reading