Monetizing New Hollywood = Audience Satisfaction

imagesHow do you monetize the new Hollywood? I believe there are several answers to this daunting question (depending on IP, existing business models, etc.), but the foundation of where sustainable answers will evolve can be found in building models that are in favor of the audience.

What?! Give the audience power?!

For many who have worked a long time in the entertainment industry, this is an insane idea to wrap their heads around. This industry has spent the last 100 years telling the world what stories to consume and how to consume them. Audiences had no other choice but to accept our models if they wanted to be entertained.

Well, that is not the case anymore. Hollywood no longer owns the marketplace on storytelling Continue reading

A Brüno Case Study: The 2009 Audience uprising! (Part 2)

Part 2 – The Social Media Revolution

How did Brüno go from being the #1 movie in America to #3 in less than 24 hours?

Many people have tried to explain why Brüno crashed on its opening weekend. Some have blamed the filmmaker and others the marketing campaign. But Universal did their best with a bad movie on their hands. The most important factor effecting the unprecedented decline in ticket sales from that Friday to Saturday night, was the unaccounted for rise of social media. Let’s take a look back at what was occurring in the sociocultural landscape at the time Brüno was releasing.

The Social Media RevolutionFacebook-2011

Back in late 2008/early 2009, while Universal was planning the marketing campaign for Brüno, Facebook and Twitter were exploding and revolutionizing the global social and cultural fabric (the “Year of the Social Network”). Continue reading

A Brüno Case Study: The 2009 Audience uprising! (Part 1)

Part 1 – The Story of Brüno

bruno_posterWith the rise of social media, there has been a dramatic shift in audience behavior and how they gather information and choose which movies to attend. This shift has had a dramatic effect on how we measure a movie’s success (or failure) at the box office, and in the ethos of culture. In the past, opening weekend numbers indicated a film’s success – a testament to the marketing campaign and the studios wisdom in choosing a successful story. Today, social media provides a means for the audience’s voice to grow louder than that of the marketing campaign. Which makes it extremely challenging (if at all possible) to sell a bad movie to the masses.

When did this change? Back in 2009, we saw the shift when Universal’s Brüno hit the marketplace. Let’s break it down and see what happened and what it means for releasing films today. Continue reading

YouTube’s Gamble with Subscriptions: Today’s new Tomorrow

YouTube-logoToday YouTube officially announced the roll out of paid subscriptions to their videos. This is a BIG StoryDisruptive moment. YouTube has taken a risk on a monetization model they think will be most successful on their site. And this changes the digital distribution of content by creating a monetization model available to any content creator – from studios to grassroot creatives. Continue reading

The Elephant in the Transmedia Room: Monetization

Image by ampwiikk

Image by ampwiikk

Monetization is THE hot topic around transmedia.

Everyone is talking about it, avoiding it and watching those who are taking the risks to see what works and doesn’t work. Interestingly enough, I have even heard someone claim that until transmedia can be monetized they will not use the term! Interesting, and unfortunate as the term is helping us navigate the changes in Hollywood.

Anyway, we must remember that transmedia is a HUGE term (and will eventually go away! – see Transmedia 101) reflecting the overall changing landscape of story telling and story consumption across multiple platforms and story experiences. So when we talk about monetization, Continue reading

Transmedia 101

Simply …

Transmedia is storytelling and story consumption across platforms.

These two aspects of transmedia work together to create the transmedia experience. They are intricately tied and in the perfect transmedia experience, both are actively engaged with each other.

storytelling1-300x161_DanPontefract sourceMore specifically …Transmedia storytelling is the art of crafting a narrative experience for audiences that expands beyond just one medium and creates a story-world that crosses media platforms. The transmedia story consumer travels with the story across platforms to continue engagement with the story experience. They read the books, see the movies, play the games, share their love with other fans & non-fans, and create their own story content. In transmedia, audiences & producers – together – actively breath life into story worlds. Continue reading

“Veronica Mars” & WB’s $0 investment

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 11.04.34 AMThis week fans of “Veronica Mars” become business partners with Warner Bros as they raised over $3.5 million in the last 4 days and are now investors in the creation of the upcoming “Veronica Mars” film.

The “Veronica Mars” television show was on the air for less than 3 years and gathered a huge, passionate, loyal fan base. After the show was cancelled, creator Rob Thomas wrote a script to bring his story to film though Warner Bros chose not to fund it’s creation.

Cut to, this week …. Thomas tried something new, with Warner Bros’ support, he asked his fans to pitch in to fund the making of the film via kickstarter.  Continue reading