You, Me & Brands: Cross-Platform Identity Building

imgresToday expression of one’s personal identity includes both who we are offline and online. And our online persona is expressed across multiple media platforms. We all have a “cocktail” of platforms that we use to express ourselves in our digital life. For me, my “cocktail” includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the StoryDisruptive website. I also have a collection of content that plays a role in the expression of who I am to others. I have my status updates, blogs, pictures and videos. Some of these express the woman I am as a professional and in my personal life. Together, they stand to represent me to anyone looking to know me, professionally or personally.

This is how it is for all individuals expressing themselves in today’s digitally rich human communication system. Expressing who we are is a cross-platform experience created using our own unique content.

images-1In today’s digitally rich, hyper connected society, this process of identity building is also the way brand identity is built. Expressing brand identity is also a cross-platform experience that uses custom created content to express the heart of the brand. Each platform chosen and content created should work in unity to express an overall brand experience that invites people to know the brand and participate in the overall brand experience.

images the end, the job of a marketer has transformed. Today we get to be brand architects of cross-platform, immersive brand experiences that project brand identity and provide value that consumers can’t resist. As tools, we use intentionally crafted content, storytelling, social media, traditional media and audience participation. In the end, a brand experience emerges, along with a rich, thriving, loyal brand tribe!

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