What is Transmedia? 3 Basics Hollywood And Marketers Need to Know

UnknownTransmedia is being used a lot right now in Hollywood. And yet most people are still perplexed on what transmedia is. So let’s get right to it and review in profoundly simple terms what transmedia is and why the future of “The Biz” is reliant on understanding how to use it effectively, not leave dollars on the table, not miss audience opportunities and to increase profitability and sustainability of the brilliant (and occasionally not so brilliant) brands we create.


Transmedia is storytelling across platforms. Basically, it’s providing story experiences across multiple media platforms (not just one), such as film, TV, books, games, consumer products, online, social media, live events AND theme park experiences. It’s more than multi-platform marketing because it’s the story world  and not marketing messages that crosses platforms to engage audiences. Good examples of large transmedia properties are Star Wars, Tron or Avatar.


Transmedia is also story consumption across platforms. New media is changing how audiences interact and consume story. When they fall in love with a story, they talk about it, share it with friends and seek out more to satiate their desire for added interaction and immersion with story and characters. As human beings, we are literally wired to crave story and now with new media we can have more and more and more and more … if Hollywood provides it.

Important to note, transmedia is not a fad that will pass with the latest fashions, it’s how human beings are wired and how we’re evolving in a digital age. So it’s here to stay.


While transmedia (both the telling and the consuming) existed before the digital age, it is blossoming now with all the various digital media we are using to live our lives. Thus, the growing attention on transmedia in the industry is because we are in the midst of a huge cultural and evolutionary shift in how audiences use new media to consume and engage with story. It’s not a fad that will go away because try as we might, we can’t change technological innovation and human evolution. Therefore, the business of storytelling needs to evolve with it!

Like any big industry, adopting change can be difficult and Hollywood has been slow to grasp this cultural shift and evolution. The most important thing to remember is that by neglecting opportunities to provide audiences with what they desire, story tellers and those funding said story telling are leaving untapped audiences hungry for more and a lot of money being left on the table.

This evolutionary problem is what me and my team of experts here at StoryDisruptive are aiming to solve. Our goal is to provide audiences with more of the stories they crave and producers maximum revenue. In the end, this evolution should be a win-win for everyone!

4 thoughts on “What is Transmedia? 3 Basics Hollywood And Marketers Need to Know

  1. So, there is actually a name for this… funny. I have focused on that concept from the moment I put pen to paper (actually earlier than that) with my book, which now goes or will be going across all of those areas/platforms – all focused on engagement. Thanks for summarizing it for me. I will add ‘transmedia’ to my resource pool:)

    • You’re obviously naturally wired to be a digital age storyteller. Good luck with your book and subsequent extensions across platforms!

  2. Transmedia is exactly this, and I’m happy to share a 3 min clip explaining how this works. http://youtu.be/KawcajJGX-w Our CrossMates digital format has been implemented in top rating show for Latin American audience in the US and other shows. It tells the story of the TV show heroes in an asymmetric way, so that viewers get different parts of the plot and can affect characters choices and the way the story develops. Thank you for this transmedia intro!

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