Story Entrepreneurs: Leading the Future of Storytelling

In a digital age where everything is shifting every day, the future of storytelling will rely on the leadership of, what I term, story entrepreneurs. These are people who are bold enough to take risks on developing, creating & supporting untraditional storytelling.

Story entrepreneurs are filmmakers, start-up CEO’s, venture capitalists and studio execs. I must say that I have an incredible amount of respect for studio exec story entrepreneurs who are willing to boldly take risks on untraditional storytelling which seem “crazy” to those within the traditional media system that surrounds them day in and day out.  That kind of risk taking is the leadership we need in shaping the future of storytelling.

 Who are story entrepreneurs?
A few examples of companies started by story entrepreneurs are Netflix, Maker Studios or The Shadow Gang.

A few examples of filmmakers who I consider story entrepreneurs are Rob Thomas, Tim Kring, Guillermo del Toro & Lance Weiler.

Failure is an option

Taking risks mean that there is potential for failure and success. Obviously, every success collectively teaches us about what the future of storytelling could be (see Veronica Mars). At the same time, every risk that ends in failure also teaches us, both individually and collectively. The more we risk and claim leadership roles as story entrepreneurs, the better we will be as a community of storytellers in a digital age.

As StoryDisruptive continues to grow, we will be highlighting story entrepreneurs and what their risks are teaching all of us about the future of storytelling. Check back often to hear from these industry leaders on how they see the future of storytelling evolving and how they came to be story entrepreneurs.